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2.0 - FREE software for online TV and Internet radio.

In order to get the latest version of EarthMediaCenter® Mini please click "Download Free".

Price: Free

Version: 2.0

Size, bytes: 708896

MD5 checksum: 4d405bd3f35ee3da90b8979a3f90f7a3

Filetype: exe

Released: 2009-12-01

EarthMediaCenter® - software for receiving on-line TV programs, internet radio, 
images from webcams - advantageously differs from other products of that kind, namely:

    •  No additional software is required
    •  No additional setting is required
    •  No additional hardware is required
    •  You needn`t have administrator privilege to install and use it
    •  Automatic updates are provided
    •  Live TV broadcast is supported
    •  Full-screen mode is supported (double click on the screen)
    •  Unlimited number of virtual television and/or radio sets can be opened at the 
       same time
    •  THOUSANDS of TV channels and THOUSANDS of radio stations are available
    •  High-quality picture and sound
    •  You can switch between TV and radio mode

Get a very small file, run it, select a TV channel or a radio station - 
and enjoy it! You haven`t seen anything like this yet! 
If you cannot find your favorite radio station, email us and it will be included into the list of radio stations. If you cannot find your favorite TV channel, email us and it will be added to the list of TV channels.

A considerable part of telecommunications is likely to move from the air to the Internet in the foreseeable future. There are all the pre-conditions for it. More and more people have computers, connected to the Internet, with capacity, which allows, for example, watching on-line video. Today the average the Internet connection speed comes close to the level when connection speed via the cable will exceed that via satellite communication channels. For a user it means improved quality of TV image in the Web.

The number of on-line-TV channels is by several orders bigger than any satellite television package can offer, even the most expensive one. Thousands of channels - from many countries, in many languages - are available online. And it is the viewer, not the provider of satellite TV service that makes up the list of channels. The same with internet radio – not a single radio receiver will pick up such a great number of channels, as it is possible to find online, and the sound in online radio is clear, without any radiointerference. And wha`s more, there is no additional license fee.

To get access to on-line TV and radio, as a rule, special software applications are used. Unfortunately, these applications aren`t free of drawbacks: often such software needs to be installed, or it requires additional hardware, et cetera. In EarthMediaCenter®, recently released free software product developed by Global Information Technology (UK) Limited, all these drawbacks have been eliminated.

Online TV and internet radio are becoming more and more widespread and available to all, so more and more people can themselves choose what to watch and listen.
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