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EarthMediaCenter® WebCam 1.5 free software product for watching webcams.

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Price: Free

Version: 1.5

Size, bytes: 1002832

MD5 checksum: 985c4a074c85dc21e6c412e32316d6d3

Filetype: exe

Released: 2010-12-23

EarthMediaCenter® WebCam – is a FREE software product for watching webcams.

Its set of functions is optimal for comfortable use:

    •  No additional software is required;
    •  No additional hardware is required;
    •  No additional setting is required;
    •  You needn`t have administrator privilege to use it;
    •  Automatic updates of user interface are provided;
    •  Automatic updates of webcams database are provided;
    •  High-quality picture and sound;
    •  `Always-on-top` mode is supported;
    •  Interface has been fully adapted for use on touch-screen devices; 
    •  Database now contains about 300 webcams;
    •  Webcams can be added into Favorites list;
    •  Window can be stretched;
    •  Webcams list is arranged into groups;
    •  Quality of broadcast can be selected;
    •  Last selected webcam and window size are saved.

New functions available in EarthMediaCenter® WebCam 1.5: 
    •  Standard button `Maximize`. 
    •  Sound effects. Now Equalizer and SRS WOW effects
            are customizable. 
    •  Tree of Genres. The list of genres is presented as 
            parent genres and sub-genres, expanding in a tree-like 
    •  Multi-genre Stations. A station can belong to more than one genre. 
    •  Tree of countries. The list of genres is presented as an expanding
            tree-like structure with countries grouped by states (regions).
    •  Form to send a request for adding a station to the database, 
            changing info about it, deleting stations from the database. 
            Now you can take part in forming the database, adding your 
            favorite stations into it.  
    •  Moving between Radio, TV and Webcams. Now you can switch between 
            the products from the Menu.
    •  The number of stations: Radio - about 65,000; TV - 3,200, 
            Webcams – 1,400. Thanks to users` contributions the number of 
            stations is going to change.

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