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Price: $3.99

Version: 7.1

Released: Jan 22, 2014

Category: Music

Languages: English, Russian

OS: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Radio Pro HQ (Commercial Version) and Radio Free HQ (Free Version) are modern internet radio receivers, which will allow you to access a database with more than 48,000+ internet radio stations (over 75,000+ URLs of the radio stations' streams) from 184 countries, grouped into 320 genres. KEY FEATURES:

* No banners, No advertising;
* Simple, quick and easy-to-use interface;
* users can search for radio stations by genre;
* users can search for radio stations by name;
* users can search for genres/countries/radio stations by keyword or part of keyword(s) in the entire database;
* users can search for radio stations in A-Z Index;
* users can specify a background image in the audio player - including photos;
* users can see locations of the radio listeners who use this app for the last 24 hours;
* users can add radio stations into the database;
* users can update info about radio stations in the database;
* users can add radio stations to 'Favorites';
* users can sort radio stations in "Favorites" by country, genre or name;
* users can search for radio stations in "Favorites" by country, genre or name;
* users can view title of the songs are being played and have been played (for the most of mp3 and acc/aac+ streams);
* users can find and view lyrics of songs, which are being played and have been played;
* users can find and view images and CD covers associated with the song, which are being played and have been played;
* users can find the song (which are being played and have been played) in iTunes;
* users can use "Alarm Clock" function (radio station turns on/off at the time selected by the user);
* users can use "Sleep Timer" function (radio station turns on/off by means of a timer);
* the application can work in the background (multitasking support only for devices that fully support iOS 4.0+ with iOS 4.0+ installed);
* automatic updates of the interface;
* automatic updates of radio stations database;
* automatic reconnect on loss of connection;
* automated checking of audio streams' availability (users are provided with accessible audio streams only);
* high quality of sound.


* Share on Twitter function;
* Share on Facebook function;
* Subscribe to newsletter option;
* Tell a friend function;
* Feedback function;
* Possibility to import favorites from Free version to Pro version;


Radio Pro HQ:

* The application can work in background (multitasking support for iOS 4+);
* The application can work with «Alarm Clock» and «Sleep Timer» functions;
* No banners, No advertising, so operation of the player is more stable and sustainable;

Radio Free HQ:

* Doesn`t support background mode (multitasking support for iOS 4+);
* Doesn`t support «Alarm Clock» and «Sleep Timer» functions;
* Player interface contains banners and ads;

Main Genres:

Alternative, Avant-Garde, Blues, Classical, Country, Decades, Easy Listening, Electronic, Folk, Accordion, Jazz, Rock, Reggae, Vocal, Inspirational, Latin, Pop, RnB, New Age, Post-industrial, Talk

Other Genres:

30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, Retro, Punk, Rap, Funk, Hard Rock, Heavy metal, Top 40, Hits, Oldies, Spiritual, New Age, Meditation, Relax, Relaxation, Instrumental, Swing, Smooth Jazz, Orchestral, Mainstream, Dance, Big Band, Tropical, Folklore, DJ, Techno, Soul, Adult, Alternative , Best Of, Eclectic, Female, Instrumental, Love, Romance, Patriotic, Sexy, Shuffle, Cabaret, Psychedelic, Spiritual, Sports, Kids, Gothic, Beat, Soul, Alternative, Urban, Hip-Hop, Dub, Son, Salsa, Samba, Rumba, Sega, Ethno, Flamenco, Contemporary, Celtic, Trance, Disco, Jungle, Dance, Electronica, Electro, DnB, Lounge, Polka, Acid, Exotica, Classical, Modern, Piano, Romantic, Choral, Opera, Symphony, Soundtracks, Holiday, Halloween, Christmas, News, Music, Comedy, Educational, Government, Old Time, Traditional, Experimental, Industrial, Religious, Catholic, Christian, Islam, Islamic, Gospel, Arabic, Asian, African , European, American, Tamil, Jewish, International, Caribbean, Lyrics, etc.

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