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EarthMediaCenter® Radio

    EarthMediaCenter® Radio is a FREE software product for receiving radio (internet radio, Web radio) stations from around the World. This software provides access to the database containing more than 87,000 radio stations ( more than 122,000 streams), grouped by 204 countries and 357 genres.

    EarthMediaCenter® Radio does not require:
    * any additional software;
    * any additional hardware;
    * having administrator privilege to install and use this software.

    EarthMediaCenter® Radio provides:
    * automatic updates of the program interface;
    * automatic updates of the database of radio stations;
    * support of `Always on top` mode;
    * saving the last selected station and window size;
    * full-screen mode;
    * sizing of the receiver interface;
    * constant streams availability check;
    * output containing available audio streams only;
    * ability to use multi-touch screens;
    * switching between radio, TV, and Webcams;
    * high-quality equalizer;
    * an opportunity to submit a request for adding a station to the database, changing station info or deleting a station from the database;

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EarthMediaCenter® Radio 1.5
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