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EarthMediaCenter® - User Guide

All software products in EarthMediaCenter® product line have unified interface, which makes using these programs much easier.

Let's take a look at the program interface taking EarthMediaCenter® Radio as an example.

When you run the program, you will be offered to select language of the program interface out of two ones - English and Russian.

Let us assume that you selected English. So, the program interface will look like this:

All software products in EarthMediaCenter®  product line have unified interface, which makes using these programs much easier.

1. Program menu

Program menu In the upper right corner of the program window you see the button of the dropdown menu "Menu" and a button looking like a small flag which indicates the language you selected (English). You can change language of the interface to Russian by clicking on this small flag.

Program menu Menu consists of the following menu items:

  • "Home" - if you select this menu item, you will go to the main page of the website - http://earthmediacenter.com/.
  • "Donations" - what if you decide to give some money toward developers of this software? Thank you in advance.
  • "Contacts" - opens a web page with a contact form to send a message to the developers of this software.
  • "Terms and Conditions" - opens a web page with the EarthMediaCenter® - Software License Agreement.
  • "User Guide" - opens a web page with the EarthMadiaCenter®Radio, EarthMediaCenter®TV, and EarthMediaCenter®Webcam User Guide.
  • "Radio" – move to EarthMediaCenter®Radio.
  • "TV" – move to EarthMediaCenter®TV.
  • "Webcam" - move to EarthMediaCenter®WebCam.
  • "Add a Station" – opens a web page with a form for adding stations. The station will be added after moderation.
  • "Correct Info About the Station" – if you have already launched a station at the moment, clicking at this menu item opens a web page with a form for correcting station info. The fields will contain current data. If some of this info is incorrect, you may correct it and/or add info. Also, you may add additional streams from this web page.
  • "Report Station Malfunction" – if you have already launched a station at the moment, clicking at this menu item opens a web page with a form for a request for fixing a problem. If the station doesn't work, or doesn't play, or causes an error, use this form to describe the problem in detail and we'll do our best to fix it.

2. Window control

Window control In the upper right corner of the window there are four buttons: "Always on Top", "Minimize", "Restore Size", and "Close". You can use the mouse to make the screen bigger/smaller - point the cursor at corners or edges of the screen, and pull, holding left mouse button. To drag and drop the entire program window, please hold its upper panel (the one where EarthMediaCenter® is written).

3. Block of information about the station

Block of information about the station Under that upper panel the following components are located (from left to right):

  • Logo of the company developer of EarthMediaCenter®
  • A block (screen of a receiver), where information on the online station being played is presented, namely:
    • Genre, Country, 'Add to/Remove from Favorites' button
    • Name of the online station
    • Bit rate
    • State

If some station is being played, values in 'Genre' and 'Country' fields are clickable.

Bit rate field at first shows the current bit rate, measured while playing the current stream, bit rates shown in brackets are the ones from the database as of the moment of the last check (may differ from real bit rates). If one bitrate from the list is clicked, only stations of this bit rate will be played. By default, all bit rates are played starting with the biggest one. If there is a 0 bit rate in the list, it means that bit rate failed to be measured for the streams.

In the 'State' field the state of the current station playback is reflected. During a playback the following states are possible:

  • Undefined - The playback state is undefined.
  • Stopped - Playback is stopped.
  • Paused - Playback is paused.
  • Playing - The player is playing a stream.
  • Scan Forward - The player is scanning a stream forward.
  • Scan Reverse - The player is scanning a stream in reverse.
  • Buffering - The player is buffering media.
  • Waiting (Station Error) - The player is buffering media. If it lasts for too long it means the station doesn't work.
  • Media Ended - The player has reached the end of the media.
  • Connecting. Please wait for 10-15 seconds. The player is trying to connect to the stream server.
  • Station unavailable. Please try later. – The playback. has been finished. There may be an error.
  • Reconnecting - Reconnecting to stream.

The state 'Station unavailable. Please try later' is shown when the media has been played. It is likely to mean that thestation doesn't work. Clicking to play this station once again may help.

If the state is 'Waiting (Station Error)' and there is a list of bit rates available, try to select one of the streams, so, it wil be possible to find a working stream.

While playing, 'Add to/Remove from Favorites' button (an asterisk) appears near the station name. You can add the station being played to favorites by clicking an asterisk.

4. Playback Control

Playback Control Further on, the following buttons are on the right:

  • volume control
  • mute button
  • Play / Pause

5. Configuration and search panel

Below there is a part where search, selection and navigation in the database of online radio stations is made.

The first button is 'Favorites'.

The next one is 'Open/Close Equalizer Settings Window'.

Further, the total number of working radio stations is displayed. It is followed by the stations search form.

Some more detail about the functions:

6. Favorites

Favorites 'Favorites' - when clicked, it shows the list of your favorites, if any.

7. Sound Effects

Эквалайзер имеет 10 регуляторов, SRS WOW эффекты содержат два регулятора. Sound Effects: In this window you can switch on Equalizer and SRS WOW effects.

Equalizer has 10 controls (namely, 31Hz, 62Hz, 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, 1kHz, 2kHz, 4kHz, 8kHz, and 16kHz).Each one controls amplification within the limits from -20 to +20 decibel.

SRS WOW effects have two controls - TruBass and WOW Effect.

TruBass is a low frequency control, and WOW Effect is a stereo-effect control.

8. Search by name

Search by name Search: To find a station by keyword(s) - e.g. name or part of name, please enter a keyword (which should be at least 3 characters long) into the form and press 'Find station' button. The search result will be shown in the stations list. The phrase containing the keyword is highlighted.

You can also search for stations by genre or bit rate in the section of the interface located below.

9. Search by genre

Search by genre Lists of genres and countries are on the right. On the left there is a list of stations found.

Near the title of the list of genres (Genres:) the total number of genres available is indicated (if some country has already been selected, the number of genres available for this particular country will be indicated). Below is the list of genres. Select a genre by clicking on it, and radio stations of this genre will be shown on the left. You can cancel the selection by clicking the cancel button located to the left from the list of genres, or by selecting 'All genres' from the list.

The List of genres is divided into parent genres and sub-genres. If a parent genre has any sub-genres, it is marked with + on the left. You can expand the list of sub-genres by clicking once on the +. When a parent genre is selected, all the stations belonging to this genre as well as to all its sub-genres, will be displayed. When a sub-genre is selected, only the stations belonging to this sub-genre will be displayed.

10. Search by country

Search by country Near the title of the list of countries (Countries:) the total number of countries available is indicated. Select a country by clicking on it, and radio stations from this country will be shown on the left. You can cancel the selection by clicking the cancel button located to the left from the list of countries, or by selecting 'All countries' from the list.

The list of countries is also expandable – if you click on + to the left of a country, the sub-list of states (regions) of this country will be displayed.

Select a genre, and the list of countries will contain only countries having radio stations of this particular genre, and vice versa.

If you choose both country and genre, your lists will look as follows: the list of countries will contain countries which are presented in the list for this particular genre, and the list of genres will display genres available for this country. In order to return to the complete lists of genres and countries you should cancel your selection in the both lists.

11. List of stations

List of stations In the list of stations on the right there are stations found using your terms (search by genre, by country, Favorites). The number of stations found is displayed in the title (to the right of 'Selected'). This list contains: Name of the station (available bit rates), Genres, Country, State (Region). If the station in the list is clicked, playback starts, and all information about this station is displayed on the 'screen of the receiver'. Also, an asterisk ('Add to/Remove from Favorites' button) appears near the active station.

The list of stations is broken into pages with 50 stations per page. The links to pages are displayed below the list.

Lists of genres, countries and stations can be scrolled down by clicking the left mouse button on an item in a list and moving an element in a direction you need. If you 'throw' an item in a list and release the left button, the list will be scrolled amain. This function is also available for Touchscreen.

When you run EarthMediaCenter®Radio next time, the last radio station you listened to will be selected. The settings of sound effects, volume, size and location of the window, Favorites are also saved.

12. Minimizing/Restoring the screen size in EarthMediaCenter® TV and EarthMediaCenter®Webcam

 Развертывание-свертывание экрана в продуктах EarthMediaCenter® TV и EarthMediaCenter®Webcam 'Hide Stations List, Display screen' button is located in the upper left corner of the block where selected stations are displayed. When pressed, the screen expands over the station search block. To hide the screen and go to the stations list, please press 'Display Station List' button.

When watching TV and webcams, you can switch to full-screen display mode by double-clicking on the screen. To exit full-screen mode, please press 'Esc' button.

Some TV stations and webcams are played using a Flash player embedded into ours. In such a case please use buttons of the embedded player - namely, Volume, Play/Pause, Maximize.

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